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Just a quick entry to congratulate kiaduran, who was the winning bidder in the Snapdragon auction. Thank you very, very much. Tomorrow, I've been told, Ignatius will be composing a brief letter of introduction on her behalf, which I've been asked to witness and sign. And then Snapdragon will be on her way to you. Spooky's very pleased she's going to a good home.


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Jul. 6th, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC)
We are so thrilled to welcome Snapdragon into our home. A client delayed me yesterday and I got home with less than 6 minutes remaining on the auction. After much flailing about at the keyboard, forgetting my ebay password, swearing a lot and causing the cats to leave the room with ears a'twitchin', I managed to log in. Truly happy beyond belief to have won.

Please tell Ignatius and the others that Snapdragon will be treasured and well loved, and we give our solemn oath to keep her safe from the Barker. Lisa is ready to kick his butt if he even thinks about heading this way.
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