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Don't paint the sun anymore.

Two days of silence. Things have been odd around here, the last three days, and I've not been up for LJ/Blog. Tonight, we've been watching the Twilight Zone marathon of the Skiffy Channel. So far, I've made it through four of my favourite episodes — "The Invaders," "Night Call," "The Masks," and "The Midnight Sun." But, I must confess that the commercials are about to do me in. They're rather spoiling the whole thing, between some foolishness about new evidence of Atlantis, ads for Eureka and frelling Stargate SG-1 and sundry other bits of crap, breaking in every twelve minutes or so to remind us that Rod Serling has gone the way of the non-avian dinosaur. These days, we get Stan Lee and a superhero reality show.

This afternoon, I played the Final Fantasy XII demo, and it was wonderful enough to make up for the dreadfulness of Radiata Stories. All is forgiven, Square Enix. I think it's going to be a great game. Now, if I can only make it to September.

If I happen to owe you an e-mail, I apologise for the silence and will try to write tomorrow.

setsuled used a marvelous phrase a couple of days back, which I'd meant to mention earlier — "the glamour of dull." To place the phrase in context, he was remarking on the blandness of Kate Bosworth and wrote, "But the kids really go for the glamour of dull these days..." Indeed. Just turn on MTV or check out MySpace, for example, and you will be half-blinded by the glamour of dull, which I think is my new favourite phrase, and I shall use it 'till the cows come home. So to speak.

I have managed a little reading: Angela Carter's "The Scarlet House" and "The Smile of Winter," the first bit of a new piece by sovay which, I hope, will be appearing in Sirenia Digest in August. Also, we watched the remake of The Hills Have Eyes and lots of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

And I hate the new "limited-edition" strawberry ice cream Skittles.

And with any luck at all, these random comments convey nothing whatsoever of my current state of mind.

Please have a look at the latest eBay auctions. Note that Spooky's put up some clothing she's been meaning to auction, literally, for years. Some nice stuff. A black velvet dress that's great, if you're into the whole Gothic Lolita thing. Which I am, as it's a superb antidote for the glamour of dull," those elegant Gothic Lolita kids. Too bad I'm presently stuck here in Atlanta instead of wandering the streets of Tokyo. Oh, and there are books, as well. Don't forget about the books. Or poor, poor Snapdragon. Iggy and Sweet William are trying, doing their best to be brave, but I can see that her impending departure is wearing on them.
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