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Addendum: eBay & things fay and strange.

I've had a couple of e-mail requests today for photos of all the Joey LaFaye dolls that have been completed thus far, all the ones besides Snapdragon, so I figured I'd just go ahead and post them here, for anyone else who wants to see the whole crew. There are more to come, of course. The Barker is still unfinished, and there will be still others after him. It's a very different way of finding characters, having them occur to me as Spooky creates these dolls, these beings for whom I then feel compelled to write backstories, backstories which are slowly beginning to form the foundation of a novel. Anyway, they're not very good photos, because I'm not a very good photographer, but they get the point across (behind the cut):

Left to right: The Sweetgum Beastie, Snapdragon, Ignatius ("Iggy"), Sweet William, and the Fortune Teller ("the feylien").

Right to left: The Fortune Teller ("the feylien"), Sweet William, Ignatius ("Iggy"), Snapdragon, the Sweetgum Beastie.

Spooky says each doll represents about 15-20 hours of work, from beginning to completion. Here's the link to the Snapdragon auction. Also, we've now listed many more books, which you may see on the main auction page. Please look. Bid or buy. Thanks...
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