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Howard Hughes Gets Down to Brass Tacks.

Yeah, so I kind of played hooky yesterday. Bad, bad nixar. But I will do better today, and I expect to work through the whole weekend (as usual). I did manage to deal with a goodly amount of correspondence yesterday before I fucked off to the picture show. Liz, my editor at Penguin, needed to know how many copies of the Daughter of Hounds ARC I require for my own purposes. I had to talk to my agent, Merrilee. I e-mailed Neil & Poppy. I spoke with Subterranean Press' designer, Gail Cross, and I have to speak with her again this afternoon regarding the placement of Ted's illustrations in Alabaster. Which reminds me, a handful of copies of the limited edition of Alabaster are still available, but they will likely be gone by the time the book is published in September. If you want one, act now (also, if you've not yet read the excerpt from "Bainbridge," it's still up on the ordering page).

Most importantly, I asked sovay (Sonya Taaffe) if she'd return as guest siren for the July and August issues of Sirenia Digest. To my great delight, she was agreeable, and her new story, "The Depth Oracle," will be appearing in Number 8. If you liked the Dandridge House stories and "Tears Seven Times Salt," I think you'll love "The Depth Oracle." Also, this will make things a little easier for me in the weeks to come. Now I only have to write five or six vignettes (two for the digest, three or four for Tales from the Woeful Platypus), deal with the Daughter of Hounds CEM, prepare for the quickly approaching trip to Rhode Island, proof Alabaster again, and somehow still find time to start Joey LaFaye.

Today, I do hope to get my vignette for Number 8 started. It's mostly in my head. I don't quite have a title yet. But it's something cold and icy, something frozen to its core, which seems appropriate, what with the blue-white sky outside my window burning alive with the fevers of latest June. Er...what else did I want to say?

1. My thanks to Cleve for this drad link: The Size of Our World. Ever wanted to see how Earth looks sitting next to Venus, or Pollux next to Arcturus? Well, here's your chance.

2. I thought that by this morning I might have a few more thoughts on Superman Returns, but I think my initial impression stands. It's a fun movie, everything a summer movie ought to be, and there are amazing sights. I will say that, for my part, Margot Kidder will always be the One True Lois Lane.

3. Last night, after dinner, we watched Mike Nichols' 1966 film of Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, which had just come in from Netflix. I continue to maintain this is the best and most important performance of Elizabeth Taylor's career.

4. Today, Ray Harryhausen is 86.

5. Now, let me direct you to the new eBay auctions. I'm very pleased to see that Snapdragon is already nearing her reserve. Spooky, of course, is even more pleased than am I. I'll still be sorry to see her go. Anyway, yes, please take a look at the auctions. Bid if you are able and interested. All proceeds will be going towards our train fare to and from New England this summer.

6. Lastly, because I've become addicted to the damn digital camera, here are three shots from our excursion to the cinema yesterday (behind the cut). There was one of Byron and Spooky, but she wouldn't let me post it. Never mind that she looked just fine and I'm the grotesque who's grinning like a frelling crack monkey:

I'm pretty sure they made this building ugly on purpose. Someone said, "Go forth and build me an ugly googleplex to shame all other ugly googleplexes."

The inside matches the outside, only gaudier.

Just in case you've never seen a grinning crack monkey through a fish-eyed lens. You will note that I have temporarily removed my labret.
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