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Howard Hughes Goes to the Picture Show.

Just something quick before I wash my face and brush my teeth and take all my pills and crawl away to bed.

The Snapdragon auction has begun. Spooky started it a few hours ago. This is the fifth doll in the series of Joey LaFaye characters that she's finished (the Barker is still a work in progress), and Snapdragon is likiely the only one of that set I can stand to part with. And I can only just hardly stand to part with her, at that. She's seated on a shelf in my office next to Sweet William. Her head is resting against Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur Tales, which is a decent enough pillow. Anyway, please do look and bid if you are so disposed. The auction page explains whatever isn't explained here. Oh, and here's a link to the main auction page.

There would be a few more things up by now, except Byron called this afternoon and tempted me away from the keyboard and out into the sun (again) for Superman Returns. I liked it quiet a lot, and after recent abominations like The Fantastic Four and X3, it's nice to have my faith in superhero films restored. Even though superheroes aren't really my thing, most of the time. Kevin Spacey is perfect, I thought. My only significant gripe with the film was what I have decided to call The Tsunami Problem. As in, there should have been one, what with all that displaced water, and there wasn't. I suspect that may have been a matter political. And maybe it is too soon after the 2004 tsunami to have a Superman movie with a tsunami, but still, it bugged the frell out of me. Which is kind of funny, getting bent out of shape about a missing tsunami when we're talking about a movie where a man in a cape flies about rescuing people and catching falling planes. But yes, it's a beautiful film with some genuinely breathtaking moments, and it made Byron very happy, and he knows much more about Superman than I do. So, make of that what you will. Oh, Farcsape fans will want to look for a nurse who is actually Raelee Hill (aka Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu).

Bedtime now. Night night.
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