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June was but a blur.

Happy birthday to robyn_ma.

The morning hasn't gone so well. My sinuses and the associated headache are even worse than yesterday, and yesterday they were bad enough to keep me from writing. Worse still, Spooky's iBook is on the fritz again. The logic board was replaced, but now something else seems to be amiss, so she's backing her data up as I type. This afternoon, we'll likely head back uptown to the shiny hell of Lenox Mall. Joy, joy, joy.

As I've said, the headache yesterday made writing impossible, so I finally admitted defeat and got dressed and we left the house about 2:30 p.m. Spooky needed to go to a bead shop in Decatur (ghoul eyes). The rain kept coming and going, lightning and thunder & etc. We ended up at a used bookshop on Highland, a nice enough place, though pricier than Books Again. I was very good and bought nothing. We were dismayed to see that all the trees lining both sides of the street at the intersection of N. Highland and Virgina Ave. have been cut down. All of them. A total of 15 trees. We asked a woman working at the bookshop why "they" cut down the trees, and she told us, "Because they're insane." She then went on to explain some lunacy about widening sidewalks. These were big, shady trees. They made the street pleasant to look at and kept it cool on hot summer days. Never mind that, with its abysmal air quality and excessive heat from urban microclimates, Atlanta can ill afford to lose a single tree. Of course, they were also living organisms, above and beyond their benefits to human beings and other creatures. And they were murdered for wider sidewalks (which, by the way, means less parking where there was virtually none to start with). This is the way Atlanta works. When faced with any given problem, the least reasonable solution is always the one that's chosen by city officials and merchants.

After the bookshop, we headed over the Whole Foods for two-days worth of groceries. The hunt for a good organic and sulfite-free red wine continues. We settled for more of the passable stuff from last week. But the avacados and tomatoes were good. And you know what, this frelling entry is already boring the crap out of me. So, I think I'll close with a few photos, which will hopefully be somewhat more interesting than anything I've written here:

Bazillions of Beads, through a wet windshield.

At the bookshop on Highland. Proof that puffy shirts make me look fat.

There were trees lining this street last week.

All that remains, 15 stumps. More concrete coming soon.

The month is almost gone. At this point, I'd be extremely pleased if the CEM of Daughter of Hounds is delayed until @ least Monday.
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