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I just wanted to repost something from docbrite's LJ, which I probably should have posted about days ago, as I first got wind of the trouble Bad Moon Books was giving Subterranean Press sometime last week. Poppy writes:

"I see where the eBay seller 'badmoonbooks' has launched a vendetta against Subterranean Press, railing against them in his auctions of Subterranean books for being 'greedy bastards' (yes, he's calling them names even as he makes money off of them) and urging a boycott of them in his non-Subterranean auctions. I haven't dealt with Roy of Bad Moon Books for several years and don't know what his beef is, but I do know that Subterranean Press has always treated me and its customers with the utmost professionalism and respect. By contrast, using eBay as a bully pulpit to advertise a feud is incredibly unprofessional, and Roy apparently doesn't see a problem with hurting individual Subterranean authors who've done him no wrong in his mania to hurt a publisher. For my part, I hope none of you will patronize badmoonbooks' auctions or store, as someone capable of this kind of unprofessionalism is not likely to treat your order very professionally either."

So, yeah. What Poppy said.

Okay. Now, cue Movie-Trailer Guy voice: In a world gone mad, roving bands of wayward transvestite brigands are having their way with New Orleans. . [cut voiceover] You already know this is President Asshole's fault, right?

Today was the two-week anniversary of Sophie's death. The house is a strange, quiet place in her absence.
Tags: ebay, jerks, sophie, thieving transvestites

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