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Isn't it kind of the drugstore to keep me alive?

The rain came, finally. I am very glad to see it. The world was drying out and threatening to combust. We've had two good wet days now, which should help. I awoke to thunder this morning, fell back to sleep, and awoke again to rain.

My sinuses, however, have been giving me fits. So it goes.

This is how it works
You're young until you're not
You love until you don't
You try until you can't
You laugh until you cry
You cry until you laugh
And everyone must breathe
Until their dying breath
— Regina Spektor

There ought to be some accounting of the last two days, as I've slacked off so terribly on my pen-and-paper journal of late. And my memory comes and goes. Let's see...

We did part of the Dyke March on Saturday, which was the only Pride event I made it out to. And speaking of queers, thanks to Morgan for letting me know that Murder of Angels makes a cameo appearance in an episode of TransGeneration. Maybe that even sold a few copies of the book. Actually, Saturday's a bit of a blur. There was some bad news, belated backwash from the evils and treachery of last year. But we abide. We persevere. We fight back. We had slices from Fellini's for dinner. I had a long nap, and then Spooky discovered that Alien Nation (1988) was on FMC, and we watched it. Farscape's Rockne O'Bannon wrote the screenplay, and I have always maintained it's an underrated film. Besides, there's Mandy Patinkin. Afterwards, we watched Suddenly, Last Summer (1959), which had come in from Netflix. Another of my favourite films. And a great piece of Lovecraftian "horror," the weird tale sifted through the Southern Gothic and Arthur Machen, a strange concoction, indeed. For them what cares, this film (and Williams' play) were an important formative influence on my own work. Also, I can't resist bringing to your attention one of the very worst "reviews" I've ever seen (signed only "a reader"), which I discovered this morning:

Loved the movie [Suddenly, Last Summer] and wanted to read the book version. Was disappointed when I received the book and it was the "play" version. Buyer beware.

If only Stupidity were a virtue...

Yesterday, I spent some time at Emory, in the Matheson Reading Room, trying, in vain, to find calm. Spooky read part of an article in Historical Anthropology regarding the excavations of a trash heap having once belonged to a theosophical society in California. For dinner, we had the vilest "Mexican" food I've ever put in my mouth. No more Moe's, ever, ever, ever. We knew better, but these things happen. Last night, of course, we watched Deadwood. These scripts leave me breathless, with their dialogue that never ceases to amaze. Characterization and acting that seems effortless. I could just sit and listen, no pictures needed (though then I'd miss the joy of those images). There was little else to yesterday that bears mentioning. There was a lot of conversation. There was leftover birthday cake. I made a half-hearted stab at cleaning my office. A Red Bull saved my life. & etc.

I'd like to write today. We'll see.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the most recent eBay auctions. Your generosity is very, very much appreciated. We'll be starting another round of auctions today, I think.

How was that for "rambling"?
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