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Howard Hughes Needs a Break, Please.

Spooky just finished sending out the June issue of Sirenia Digest. And there was a stupid frell up with Yahoo, so that the first half of our mailing list will be receiving the digest twice. That is, two copies. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. I don't think there's been an issue of Sirenia yet that has been this much trouble to actually get out to readers. I was at work on it last night until 9:32 p.m., then another hour or so after midnight, and then Gordon and I spent much of the late morning and early afternoon getting all the kinks out (oh, hah, hah...). My thanks to Gail of Desert Island Design for getting me the copy of Rick's illustration for "Giants in the Earth" when I'd exhausted all other possible sources. At any rate, I very much hope you guys like this one. Comments here are more than welcome. More than ever, I need...what's it called? Encouragement, I think. And sometime I'll explain how this issue can simultaneously be #6, #7, and #8. Particles and waves. Etc.

Please note that there's now less than three hours remaining in the "Waycross" chapbook auction. This is pretty much the same situation I had with that last copy of Candles for Elizabeth yesterday. I hope to see it go for a little more, as this might be the last time I'm able to offer this book. If you want to buy from me, bid now. Thanks. And here are the links for the other auctions.
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