greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Addendum: Sirenia update

So, first the Good News: the June issue of Sirenia Digest will be exactly twice as long as the May issue. Thirty-four pages, 15,841 words. So, I'm pretty sure that this month I'm giving readers their money's worth.

Now the Bad News: I underestimated the time that Vince would need to do his illustration, and I'm thinking now that #7 will be mailed out Thursday morning, instead of this evening. But that's really not so bad. Savour the anticipation, yes?

Also, don't forget that anyone who subscribes to Sirenia Digest before midnight tonight (EST) will receive a FREE signed copy of the Roc trade paperback of Silk. Complete with a little spider drawing by my own hand. For yourself or some unsuspecting friend. All you have to do is click here, read the FAQ, and sign up. Easy as pie and chips.

Meanwhile, please note that, in its infinite wisdom, the Pentagon has listed homosexuality as a psychological disorder. You know, just like schizophrenia and mental retardation and Republicanism. Frell 'em, I say. The fewer queers die in Bush's war, the more of us there will be to overthrow heterosexual society and install, in its stead, a newer world order founded on sodomy, lesbianism, and the almighty gender fuck. The Pentagon will make a great drag bar...
Tags: gay rights, sirenia
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