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I walked that path a hundred ninety.

I think that eBay Blogs must be the very sincerest definition of lame.

I mean, really.

eBay Blogs.


In the chaos of the last couple of weeks, the last month, I never commented on the discovery of evidence of a gigantic bolide impact in Antarctica. Perhaps a crater, 500 kilometers (300 miles) across, and perhaps another clue to the causes of the Permian-Triassic mass extinction event (which made the end Cretaceous extinctions look like no more than a bad head cold). If the Wilkes Land mascon is the result of an impact, the meteor may have been 50 kilometers wide (30 miles). Just the sort of space rock the Immaculate Order of the Falling Sky has in mind, of course. No mere Tunguska firecracker, this one. What a fireworks show there must have been, 251 million years ago.

Spooky's become smitten with ditl, or "A Day in the Life." It is a rather oddly addictive phenomenon (though, in truth, I'm much more the exhibitionist than the voyeur). You can see her latest ditl entry here. I'm even in there somewhere.

I think it's time to brush my teeth and crawl away to bed. Perhaps I'll dream of fire from the sky and the glories of the humanless Neozoic Era...
Tags: antarctica, ditl, ebay blog weirdness, immaculate order of the falling sky, p-t extinction

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