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Slowly, bit by bit, things around here are getting back to our odd version of "normal." The old rhythms are gradually resuming in Sophie's absence. But still, that absence is always felt. Small sounds that are no longer here. I keep expecting to look over my shoulder and see her lying on my office threshold or sitting in the hallway watching me. I catch myself speaking to her. And Spooky's having a much worse time of it than I am. That damned cat-shaped hole in our world. But. Things go on. Things always, always go on in the absence of those we love, even when we can't imagine their not being here.

This morning, for example, I went straight from bed to writing a Wikipedia article on the basal ornithomimosaur Harpymimus oklandnikovi. It felt like a very "normal" thing to do. Work is ever my salvation.

Yesterday was a good work day. I did the prolegomena for Sirenia Digest #7 and attended to various other things that needed attending. I didn't get to the illustrations for "Night" (a new sf story which will be appearing in a future issue of Subterranean Magazine). But Spooky spoke with Bill Schafer and confirmed that I need to do three illustrations for the piece. They'll be Photoshop montages, I suspect. I need to read over the story again this morning, as I don't believe I've read it since I finished it last July. It's shares some thematic elements with The Dry Salvages, "Bradbury Weather," and "Riding the White Bull," and centers on a mission to the Saturnian moon Mimas, strange artefacts in Antarctica discovered after the melting of the south polar icecap, and mental clones. Today will be a Photoshop day.

Yesterday, I discussed with Spooky the possibility of taking a shortish vacation as soon as this issue of Sirenia Digest is mailed out. Perhaps, I suggested, Wednesday, the 21st, until whenever the CEM of Daughter of Hounds arrives (most likely on June 30th). But she pointed out that I have 10,000 words of new fiction to write for Tales from the Woeful Platypus, plus July's issue of the digest, and we're leaving for Rhode Island sometime around July 27th-28th. Which makes such a short vacation entirely irresponsible. But maybe I can steal one day. Maybe I can even steal two days. It would be nice to spend a day in bed reading, maybe visit Fernbank or the Georgia Aquarium or take in a matinee. I still haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth.

we're touring too much and the show is starting to suffer, my voice is starting to sound like it's being ripped apart by the middle of every set.


Speaking of movies, I've been meaning to mention here that Serenity will be back in theatres in Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, and the United States, as a benefit for Equality Now. The Atlanta screening is on the 22nd at LeFont Plaza on Ponce.

Please have a look at the new eBay auctions. A copy of From Weird and Distant Shores (out of print since sometime in 2002) has been added. I only have about five of these remaining, so your chances to buy them directly from me are running out fast. Thanks.
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