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Night wings, her hair chains...

On the 15th, I mentioned finally having parted with the deteriorating latex catsuit I got in Manhattan at a fetish shop called Body Worship, way back in the summer of '98. I just found some photos that were taken in the stairwell of the apartment building where I was staying, at faustfatale's mom's place. I still have the mesh coat (Catherine Coatney) and the gas-mask (Israeli army surplus) and the steel-toed, 20-eye burgundy rub-off boots, but, alas, the catsuit is no more. Except for these photos (behind the cut). Now, setsuled, you can collect the whole set!

This is the outfit I wore to the release party for Silk and Christa's first novel, Control Freak, which was held @ Mother (now-defunct) in the meat-packing district. You should have seen the two of us and our masked-and-tuxedoed luchador escort trying to hail a frelling cab. Finally, we had to employ a relatively normal-looking decoy, but when the driver got a look at the three of us, he actually tried to get away before we could get into the vehicle. Fortunately, we were swift.

Oh, and here's eBay link again...
Tags: 1998, christa, nyc, silk, the latex catsuit

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