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First, an important message from Zoe Keating, via the Rasputina message boards:

Dear Atlanta Fans,

Last night after the show at The Earl, while I was backstage, someone climbed onstage and took my bow. Whoever it was, this message is for you:

I don't think you realize what you took from me. The bow you now have in your possession was given to me by my cello teacher when I was 10 years old. It's sentimental value is priceless. Maybe you thought I didn't need it but I have weeks of bow-shredding Rasputina shows ahead of me and I desperately need it. Unless you return it to me, I will be forced to spend a lot of money and time to look for an equivalent replacement. But really the bow is irreplaceable, and I'd just prefer to get it back. So....

...PLEASE, PLEASE mail it back to me. You don't need to explain. Just wrap it in bubble wrap, place it in a mailing tube or box and send it to:

P.O. Box 1420
Brooklyn, NY 11202

Also, since this bow is so valuable to me, I am willing to pay a reward for it's safe return. I will send $100, no questions asked, to the person who returns it safely to me. And Atlanta Fans, if you know who has my bow, please encourage them to send it back to me. If people steal our instruments and equipment it makes us unwilling to return to that city. Eventually it makes us unable to play live at all.

Thank you.

Enough said.

Yesterday, Spooky and I read through "Houses Under the Sea" (originally "Rappaccini's Dragon"). It was a relief to find that I like it more than when I finished it on March 5th. I never know. Sometimes, it goes the other way. Today we have to read over "The Daughter of the Four of Pentacles," then I have to make the marked corrections to both and get these stories off to Wayne Edwards. Then it's on to the proposal for the next novel. I also have to look over a .pdf of The Dry Salvages, to answer some layout questions for Bill Schafer (Subterranean Press). With luck, I'll be ready to begin the next short story by Monday, at the latest.

My thanks to Annette Hrisko-Allen, who answered my question about the Osip Mandelshtam poem. Turns out, it was Annette, and not her husband, Chris, who e-mailed me to start with. Anyway, the poem is included in The Language of Wasps (Ohio State University Press), translated by James Greene. Now I shall endeavor to track it down.

I think that I'm going to try to find some time for Nebari.Net tonight. Llar'en has created a marvelous animation of the Nebari System that I need to get online, and it's past time to write Chapter Three of "The Girl Who Sold the World."

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