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Platypus Poll

So, yeah, here's this poll. Yesterday, I looked back over the last six issues of Sirenia Digest again, trying to decide which pieces I'll reprint, which I won't. The five listed below are my personal favourites. Together, they total, 14,760 words of fiction. My contract with subpress stipulates that the next erotica collection will be 20,000 words and that half of that will be original to the collection, having not first appeared in the digest (or anywhere else). And while Bill generously agreed we could up the total word count to 30,000 words, I worry how that will effect the appearance of the book, which I'd like to closely match that of Frog Toes and Tentacles. So. I'm asking for some input from readers. Assume that of these five I will only use one and tell me which one you'd prefer that one to be. Of course, in truth, I'll likely reprint three of these five, but think of it that way, regardless. I shall cast my own vote, as well. Please, no write-in votes accepted. If it's not on the ballot below, I've already decided it won't be in the collection.

Poll #738343 Defining the Platypus.

Of these selections from Sirenia Digest (1-6), which one would you most like to see reprinted in Tales from the Woeful Platypus?

"Madonna Littoralis"
"Untitled 17"
"Untitled 20"
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