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M is for Monday

Sirenia Digest #6 went out late yesterday afternoon and last night (thank you, Spooky), so everyone should have it by now. I've received some very positive comments on "The Black Alphabet," which is reassuring. Note, though, that this piece will not be reprinted in Tales from the Woeful Platypus, as the collection only covers issues #1-#6.

Spooky says today is an off day. It will only be my fourth in the past forty-two days, so that seems fair. We have no plans. The day is going to be hot, so we'll likely spend most of the afternoon indoors, reading and suchlike. I like the idea of a day off with no plans. Tomorrow, though, I'm going to begin work on the second half of "The Black Alphabet," as I really do intend to get the next issue of the digest out by June 14th.

There was much more work yesterday than I'd expected, and afterwards I was bleary and unfocused. Spooky had gotten a watermelon from the co-op, and we ate watermelon on the front porch and spat seeds into the grass. It was a very good, locally grown, "organic" watermelon, not one of those flavourless, thick-rinded things from Publix. After dinner, we had a long twilight walk around Freedom Park. Most of the day's heat had bled away, and there was the slimmest crescent of the waxing moon. We saw a few lightning bugs, but no bats. The pink and purple remains of sunset hung above downtown Atlanta. I picked some flowers for our altar. It was a very good walk. Back home, we finished Chapter Nine ("Matrix") of The Triumph of the Moon. Hutton's book grows ever more captivating, one, not even a Professor in History at the University of Bristol, should be permitted to use a word like "revivifying" when "reviving" works just fine. Or so I say. Later, we watched Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), which I'd never seen before. Certainly it was better than Star Trek V, but then most things are. Iman was much appreciated, though there was too little of her. Kim Cattrall made a perfectly cute Vulcan saboteur, and I kept singing the Kim Cattrall song from MST3K, mystifying Spooky no end. I was baffled by Michael Dorn's appearance in the film (as ST:TNG had already established him as Worf), but it was nice getting so many Klingons all at once. Oh, and we watched some of the extras on the last Dead Like Me DVD, including the short making-of documentary, Dead Like Me...Again.

That was yesterday.

I think I am in direst need of breakfast. I could murder a produce stand.

Postscript: Cari at need to e-mail Spooky at crk_books(at)yahoo(dot)com. Your digest bounced last month, and it bounced again last night, so we need a new e-mail. Thanks!
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