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A pink cephalopod from my love.

Addendum: Early birthday presents help, so Spooky gave me Judy, the pink wind-up octopus yesterday (see photo below). She's Chinese. That was a good thing about yesterday I forgot to mention. It's a birthday tradition, Spooky giving me a cephalopod. Anyway, now Judy has taken her place of the shelf among all my other toy cephalopods:

Also, this morning I neglected to mention that today is Towel Day. Thanks to timireznor for reminding me. Fortunately, my towel was close at hand. I cannot persuade Spooky to carry one. She foolishly refuses to acknowledge the Vogon menace. *tsk* *tsk*

Also, I've been asked if I can provide Sirenia Digest as simple text files, for those with computers too ornery or decrepit to read PDFs. The answer is yes, so long as the numbers of those subscribers are not too great. If you're interested, e-mail Spooky at crk_books(at)yahoo(dot)com, and she'll work something out with you. You'd get the text files with the images attached. We strive to accomodate.
Tags: birthday cephalopods, judy, sirenia, towel day

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