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No platypus is an island.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,065 words on "Ode to Edvard Munch" and found THE END. Spooky and I are both pleased with it. Hopefully, Sirenia Digest readers will be likewise pleased. The total word count came to 3,201 words. I finished the piece at 4:12 p.m.

Now, I have to write the second vignette for #6. I have every hope that the digest will be out on the 28th. I'm sorry about the lateness. Daughter of Hounds and the Editing Monster, you know. Your collective patience is greatly appreciated. I hate being late. It matters not if the deadlines are of my own devising or if they have been imposed upon me from without. I hate missing deadlines.

Subterranean Press has put up an Alabaster wallpaper. Free. Just click here and download. It's at the very top of the page.

Not much to yesterday beyond the writing. I hardly left the house. I read "A complete trematosaurid amphibian from the Middle Triassic of Germany" (Rainer R. Schoch) in the latest Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Another marvel that too few people will see. We watched The Sopranos and two more eps of Dead Like Me (Season Two). And that was yesterday, unless I'm forgetting something, which seems very unlikely.
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