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We met in the springtime at a rock and roll show.

The weather's been a bit on the cool side. Like April in May. Soon, it will be hot, and I'll miss these chilly days which presently annoy me.

Yesterday was a weird sort of half work day. I tidied up the author's note for Daughter of Hounds, wrote a letter to my editor at Penguin, then e-mailed the freshly edited ms. away to NYC. Out of my hands, at least until the CEM shows up. This time I included a few notes to the copy-editor to try and cut down on the "stets," things like "towards" not "toward" and "s'" not "s's". I e-mailed my agent to let her know that Liz had the ms. I e-mailed other people who needed e-mailing. Then I went with Spooky to take Sophie to a vet appointment at Pets-Are-People-Too in Ansley Park. Nothing serious. She has a minor infection on one foot, but since she's diabetic, we have to watch these things. We came home, and I played Crimson Skies while Spooky poked about online. We had dinner from the salad bar at Whole Foods. I watched a documentary on the Science Channel about the discovery of the basal therizinosauroid dinosaur Falcarius utahensis from the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation in Utah. Later, Spooky and I read more of Ronald Hutton's The Triumph of the Moon, which, on the one hand is definitely the best book on Neo-Paganism we've read thus far, but, on the other hand, is printed in a point size so small that I suspect we shall go blind reading it. We got to bed early, and I talked about Joey LaFay until sleep finally caught up with me. Not a bad day. With luck, today will be even better. It's a day off. Tomorrow, I have to get started on Sirenia Digest #6 (which is actually the seventh issue, because the first was #0).

Happy birthday, Darren (tjcrowley)!

There's a squirrel outside my office window washing its tail, which is actually quite adorable.

I'm still watching the Sirenia Digest poll. Which means, if you read this journal (from LJ) and are also a subscriber but haven't yet voted, please do. The more data the better. Just click here. Thanks.
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