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Can you repeat the question?

Yesterday, driven half-mad by editing and continuity problems, I declared that I will never again write such a long novel. And I mean it. The target length for Joey LaFey (the spelling keeps changing, but there you go, continuity problems) will be about 70,000 words. Certainly no more than 100,000. Anyway, we made it through the rest of the January/February notes yesterday, which involved no small amount of rewriting. Today is loose-ends day. I made a short list late yesterday of everything that's left to be done, and hopefully by six or seven this evening, it will all be done. Because I need to move on to Sirenia Digest and about a hundred other things. I love this novel, and I mean to do right by it, but I'm also sick to death of the thing.

Despite all my kvetching about the weather, yesterday turned out to be quite nice, and other than a 47F low forecast for tonight, things are looking up. Back to the 80s very soon. About three yesterday afternoon, we took a break from editing and had a long walk. It was so gorgeous out, a brilliant and blustery spring day, that I seriously considered falling asleep beneath a tree in Freedom Park and letting the ms. fend for itself.

Let's see...interesting stuff. A previously unknown genus of monkey, Rungwecebus kipunji, has been discovered in Tanzania, the first new extant genus of monkey described in 83 years. Also, for those of you keeping an ear (or whatever) to the heavens, note that between May 14th-17th, the fragmented comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 will be making its closest pass to Earth, a scant 10 million miles. While the Immaculate Order of the Falling Sky has formally acknowledged that this is not "The One" we're waiting on, it has been dubbed a "harbinger." Oh, I think we may have the slogan for the first IOFS bumper sticker (because what's a doomsday cult without bumper stickers?): "The End is Near Inevitable."

Yesterday, while proofing DoH, I found myself at the American Museum of Natural History's website, double-checking opening and closing times (when you read Chapter Three, you'll understand why). I'm hoping Spooky and I will be able to made it down to NYC when we visit New England this summer, because I'm hoping to have a chance to see the AMNH's Darwin exhibit before it ends on August 20th. Also, "Lizards and Snakes: Alive!" begins on July 1st.

Okay. Time to wrap this up. The platypus says I'm stalling. If you haven't already, please take a moment to vote in the Sirenia Digest poll. This is important. I'll be watching it for at least another two or three days. Thanks to everyone who's voted thus far.
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