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New Sirenia Digest Poll

So, a new Sirenia Digest poll. On Tuesday, I was speaking with Bill Shafer at Subterranean Press about possible strategies for increasing the readership of the digest, as well as freeing up more of my time for full-length short-story work. I'm a little disturbed that over the last year I've only written one short story, "Night," and one novella, "Bainbridge." One idea that emerged is that I might change the format of the digest from something which is primarily devoted to dark fantasy/horror/sf erotica, to a publication which would offer readers one brand-new, full-length sf or dark fantasy story per month. Say 7,000-15,000 words, depending on the story, and I'm thinking I'd mostly be doing short fiction along the lines of "Riding the White Bull" and "Bradbury Weather," as well as new "yellow house" stories about the ghouls and changelings, etc. The length of the digest would remain the same, only the content would change. There'd still be illustrations. And I'd probably still toss in a vignette every now and then.

My goal is to raise the number of subscribers from 145 to 200, which would put me on more solid financial ground while I'm writing the next novel, Joey LaFay. It really doesn't seem like it should be that difficult to pull off. I've heard from many readers over the last seven months or so who say they'd subscribe to the digest if it weren't erotica. So, I'm hoping this shift could be made, sometime this summer, if not sooner, and that we'd gain a significant number of readers while losing no one. Here's your chance to be heard on this proposed change. Please vote, and comments and questions are very welcomed.

Poll #727054 The Nature of the Beast.

If you're already a subscriber, how would you feel about the proposed format change?

Fine with me.
I'd prefer it to the current format.
I'd cancel my subscription.

If you're not currently a subscriber, how might you feel about the proposed format change?

After the change, I would subscribe.
I still would not be interested.
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