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no alarms and no surprises, please

It doesn't look like mid-May outside. It looks like early April. Only greener.

Yesterday was very productive. Though I'd thought I'd only make it halfway through the third pass on the Daughter of Hounds typescript, I made it all the way through. There was even some actual writing involved, which I'll admit was a relief after days and days and days of line edits. I expanded an important scene between Emmie and Odd Willie. But yeah, that was work yesterday. Today, Spooky and I tackle all the notes I made during the most recent read-through. I fear them. Also, I've decided that the appendices stay. Or rather, that I'll push for their inclusion. And anyone with a morbid fear of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and House of Leaves should be warned, a number of pages in DoH employ the sort of non-traditional layout I used in Murder of Angels (pp. 150-159, 320-321, 323). So, if you're the sort who considers standard paragraph and sentence layout sacrosanct and deem such Carrollian devices to be artsy-fartsy or pretentious or just plain silly, well, you've been warned.

My thanks to David Lynton of the Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney. Australia for his kind e-mail.

Last night, we watched Munich. A brilliant, complex, important film, and yet another reason to be baffled by Crash having won Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

I feel as though there's something more I want to say. That there's something, as they say, right here on the tip of my tongue, but it keeps slipping away from me.
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