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I am now half blonde. These genetic modifications aren't as painful as I expected; a few more and maybe I'll pass for human. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Day before yesterday, during a thunderstorm, we had a tree in the courtyard come down. The eastward half of it split and fell, possibly after a lightning strike, possibly just from the wind. Though it came down on the passageway connecting the 1914 section of the building with the 1940's section, no windows were broken. We don't yet know whether there's structural damage under all that fallen leafiness. Here are a couple of photos Spooky took yesterday afternoon:

Fallen and damaged trees tend to upset me a great deal. The building can be mended, but that tree's probably forty or fifty years old (and we need the shade). We don't yet know if the remaining portion will have to be cut down. I think those two potting tables are history, though.

Having eaten far too much spaghetti for dinner, I shall now go curl up in a dark place and digest.

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