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I've been sitting here this afternoon thinking about all the different places that Nar'eth came from (besides the obvious), and about the sort of story I might want to do for my next Subterranean Press sf novella (which I'm supposed to write this summer), and this got me thinking about the music video that Garbage did for "Special." I only saw it once on TV, and I don't think I'd even seen the whole thing, but I recalled clearly that I very much liked it. Anyway, I went looking for the video online and ended up at YouTube. You can see video here.

This isn't the complete video. According to Wikipedia, there's an opening that tells us:

In the year 3030, Queen Astarte has taken to the skies to defend her once peaceful homeland from the evil lords of Garbania who seek to rule the universe. She has but one last chance to thwart their wicked plan........

If anyone out there could lay their paws on a higher quality copy and e-mail it my way, or just point me to it, I'd be very appreciative. greygirlbeast(at)gmail(dot)com.

Postscript: I know Y-music has videos, but they don't presently support Mac OS (the fools).
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