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I should be outside.

from The Endless, "Initiation":

You can put up a good fight - You can do everything right. But can hack through the thicket - you can lift the curses - But sometimes - the Dragon wins.

Yesterday we made it through the line edits for the second half of Daughter of Hounds, pages 348-621, even though I had not an iota of enthusiasm for the work. Then again, who in her right mind would ever have enthusiasm for line edits? Anyway, now that the first pass is done, the easy pass, today I should begin on the bits that require more thought and actual writing. But I've also got to begin getting my head into the Sirenia Digest space. The two vignettes need to be written in the next week or so.

And, by the way, if you've not yet subscribed to Sirenia Digest, please consider doing so today. Or tomorrow. Soon. I began this thing on a lark, but it's become very important to me, on several levels. Not the least of these is that it's giving me a chance to explore new literary avenues without worrying about an editor's likes or dislikes, an editor's preconceptions regarding fantasy or science fiction or what I write and don't write or whatever. And it's cheap. $10 a month gets you lots of new words, which, I'd say, is better than spending the same $10 on fast food or Starbuck's coffee or cigarettes or bottled water or whatever. Give it a try. Just click here, read the FAQ, and subscribe. It's the future, kiddos. New fiction doesn't have to arrive via books. Mind the message, not the medium.

By the way, the short story that was worked over with a tire iron and then pissed upon by A Sound of Thunder is also titled "A Sound of Thunder" and can be found in Bradbury's collection Dinosaur Tales (it was originally published in Collier's in 1952). And William Stout's illustrations are far superior to the crappy art direction and SFX of the film. You'll be doing yourself a favour by ignoring the film and reading the story. The same collection, I might add, includes the superb stories, "The Fog Horn" and "Tyrannosaurus rex."

And what does it say about America that the number one movie is currently RV? I think, perhaps, I'd rather not know the answer.

Last night, we were supposed to meet up with Byron and Jim and J for dinner, but the day's work and thoughts had left me in an utterly crappy mood. I was nothing anyone would have enjoyed being around, so we begged off (sorry, guys) and ate big salads instead. We also rented two old sf films, Roger Corman's Day the World Ended (1955) and Edward L. Cahn's The She-Creature (1956). Corman's film plays out like an extended episode of The Outer Limits and is the better of the two. Neither film is very good, of course, and yet both are great fun and silliness and zippers up the back of the monster suits and still light years better Sound of Thunder.

It's bright and sunny and warm today, but a storm front is coming, and the high tomorrow will be a rather miserable 69F. The warm comes back on Monday.

Okay. I should try to point myself towards work and see if I can't scrape up a few ounces of momentum. I have only nine days until the DoH ms. has to be back in NYC, counting today, and there are miles to go before I sleep and all. I'm still taking suggestions for the next Sirenia Digest, by the way.
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