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The First Ever Daughter of Hounds-Realted LJ Poll.

So. Someone, and I think it was sovay, suggested today that I might put the question of whether I excise the two stories which comprise the appendices for Daughter of Hounds now and be done with it — or keep them in the ms. and try to convince my editor of their relevance to the novel — to my LJ readers. Hence this poll. The appendices comprise about a hundred ms. pages and add much information about the ghouls, the Children of the Cuckoo, and the Daughter of the Four of Pentacles (Pearl, Hester). The novel is in no way dependant upon them, but I do feel they enrich the experience. But I'm one of those people who was glad to find The Silmarillion, because those appendices at the back of LotR were never enough for me, and then glad to see The Book of Lost Tales (all volumes) because The Silmarillion was insufficient to my curiosity. For my part, I want them in the book, but I also don't want to make a big stink out of it if no one out there cares one way or another, which probably means I'm getting old. Anyway, the poll...

Poll #721896 The First Ever Daughter of Hounds-Realted LJ Poll.

Should I omit the appendices at this stage of editing the novel, or should I keep them?

Keep them.
Omit them.
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