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never drive a car when you're dead

Yesterday, Well, I didn't write, but I bet you already knew that. To my ever-diminishing credit, I did think about writing. I intend to think about it with substantially more fervor today. Indeed, if I do nothing more than make notes for Daughter of Hounds and perhaps work on one of my many unfinished sonnets, I will write something. But if I didn't write, at least I was not entirely sessile yesterday. I did a bit of housecleaning (not quite as unpleasant as writing), and then Spooky and I went to Whole Foods over on Ponce to get the days shopping done. Whole Foods is one of the few "grocery stores" I can stand to be in. It mostly comes down to lighting. The stark, shadowless fluorescence in places like Publix and Kroger make me want to hide someplace dark. Anyway, for dinner we made a chicken stew (one whole hen, fresh garlic, fresh cilantro, green onions, a red bell pepper, black pepper, thyme, cumin, sage, bay, oregano, shitake mushrooms, baby porta bella mushrooms, fresh spinach, salt, a large white onion, and celery). I like doing stews, in part because they last for two or three days, alleviating the need to cook again immediately. After dinner, more television: first a little documentary on the making of the video for The Cure's new song, "The End of the World" and then an episode of Farscape ("Lava's a Many Spendored Thing"). Then more XBox, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. I fell asleep to Blade Runner, as I often do. And that was my yesterday. All the parts I care to mention, at least.

It has now been determined that Spooky and I shall depart Atlanta on June 22nd, so that she can be at her parents on her birthday. I think it will be a sleeper car, and maybe we'll even sleep. A shame we'll have to change trains in D.C.

I'm pretty sure that I'm about to cease composing these entries in Blogger and begin composing them in LJ, instead. It's just more amenable to my mentality (that sounds a lot better than "user friendly"), and it's a lot easier to make corrections in LJ, which means there will be fewer typos in the Blogger copy, as well, since I usually find most of my mistakes after I post an entry.

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