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A Day for Yeats.

Yesterday was an object lesson in frustration. Despite my best intentions and efforts, I managed to write only a paltry 299 words on "For One Who Has Lost Herself." There was iBook drama, which has now fortunately passed, but by the time all was right again, I couldn't get back into the place where the end of the story is waiting for me. So, today, with luck, I mean to finish this story. It's all right here behind my eyes. I just have to put it down on paper. Well, on the screen of the aforementioned iBook. On the one hand, I find it hard to imagine how I could ever again write on a typewriter, how my particular means of composition could ever be adapted to such a mechanism, and on the other, I truly miss putting words directly onto paper. I tell myself this is less wasteful, and that's true. But I do miss the pages, and I miss the clack clack clack of the keys. The iBook's key makes hardly any sound at all. So, yeah, 299 words. I think they're good words, but still. I finally gave up in disgust and took a hot bath. Sweating helps.

Speaking of sweating, Spooky cooked a marvelously fiery Indian feast last night. A masaman dish with potatoes and peas and green bell pepper, onion and tons of garlic. Garlic nan, and also samosas. And we have the leftovers for tonight, which already has me longing for dinner.

The weather turned a bit cool yesterday, after Monday's rain and wind. But not too cool. And it's supposed to be 74F again today, and 81F by Saturday. So, no complaints.

Also, tonight I intend to make serious progress with the proofing of Alabaster.

Yesterday, Spooky sent two eBay packages away, one to London ("The Worm in My Mind's Eye"), one to Australia (The Dry Salvages). The one to London contained the latest Monster Doodle Sculpture. Which reminds me that we've not yet drawn to see who's the winner of March's MDS, even tho' it's now April. I haven't quite finished MDS #8 (wow, it's hard to believe this is #8 already). It's waiting to be painted. And this all reminds me to plug Sirenia Digest, which I haven't really done in a while. Issue 5 will include "pas-en-arrière" and "To One Who Has Lost Herself," and the latter will be illustrated by Vince Locke (he of A History of Violence). It might also include a short poem. Maybe. It's just a thought. If there's time. Don't hold me to it. Anyway, if you've not yet subscribed, you may easily join all those who have. Just click here, read the FAQ, and then proceed to the subscription page. Easy as pie.

Turns out we'll be traveling to Rhode Island this summer for an extended stay. It's very welcomed news, indeed. Maybe as long as three weeks. The only downside is that we'll have to board Sophie the whole time, which I rather hate to do, and we'll have to find someone to hamstersit. But I'm very much looking forward to the trip and hoping we'll be able to afford to take the train up. I hate being squeezed into a plane and the whole security hassle that entails. Someone tells me to take off my shoes and then proceeds to grope me, I should get paid and paid well. Of course, it will have to be a working vacation, but that's better than none at all. Already, I'm looking forward to Beavertail, the Athenaeum, all the wonderful cemeteries, Dell's lemonade, coffee milk, Italian Village (a wonderful restaurant in Wakefield, RI), and about a hundred other things. I'm hoping to arrange a reading/signing in Boston for some point during the trip, and I'm also hoping we can make it up to Salem to see kambriel and get a sense of the town. Anyway, details will be forthcoming.

Okay. I think that's it for this a.m. I'm off to the word mines....

Postscript: I should have posted a link to this days ago. Setsuled's "Nar'eth, Barbarian Queen of the Ankylosaurs!" Probably not work safe.
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