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Post the Second (or Third, really).

Thanks to everyone who's taken (or may yet take) the time to comment on this morning's entry. It really is something I've sort of allowed myself to agonize over the last couple of weeks. Unduly, I'm certain, but knowing that doesn't stop me from fretting.

Yesterday, I got back to work on the selkie story, "For One Who Has Lost Herself," after not writing anything for several days. I'm really liking this piece, and it was good to come back to it. I did 770 words yesterday. I'm thinking this story will likely come to about 4,000 words. Sirenia Digest #5 is shaping up to be a longish issue, which is a good thing. The chaos of the last week, the silly day-to-day drama I bring upon myself or which wells up from myself, has made a bit of a frelling train wreck of my schedule. I'm late getting Alabaster proofed, haven't finished the illustrations for "Night," have this whole website redesign thing to deal with, and the Bradbury intro to write. On top of it all, I expect the Daughter of Hounds editorial letter any day now. And Joey LaFaye is begging me to start writing it a full two months before I'd planned to begin.

I've done an amusing little interview sort of a thing for Jeff VanderMeer's blog, VanderWorld, that I still need to e-mail him this evening.

At least the country's gone back to Caitlín Standard Time.

I've been devouring papers on new dinosaurs. Most recently two papers from the latest issue of Geodiversitas, descriptions of the ankylosauroid Antarctopelta (only the second dinosaur named from the antarctic, Cryolophosaurus being the first) and the new carcharodontosaurid theropod from Argentina, Mapusaurus. Drad and awesome beasts. And, if you follow those links, you'll see I'm still stuck on writing articles for Wikipedia.

We've been making good progress with Margot Adler's Drawing Down the Moon, which is definitely the most informative book I've yet to find on Wicca and Neo-Paganism. Next, I think we'll read The Triumph of the Moon by Ronald F. Hutton. Suddenly, so many things about magick and Wicca that have confounded me for so long seem to be coming together. There's a newfound clarity, and new rituals are unfolding in my mind, though I haven't yet written any of them down.

I spent way too much of last night in front of the television, but first there was a documentary on mega-tsunamis, and then the new ep of The Sopranos, and then another documentary, on feathered dinosaurs and dinobirds and early birds. And after that, I started playing Kingdom Hearts II, because Spooky went and rented it yesterday. I've stayed away from the PS2 and the X-Box since finsihing Ico back in December or January, and now Spooky has made a damn'd recidivist of me. But how could I say no to a game with Rikku, Yuna, and Paine? Still, nothing had prepared me for the sheer, balls-to-the-wall, mind-bending weirdness that is Kingdom Hearts. Wow. I mean, imagine dropping a couple of hits of acid and then visiting Disney World with a bunch of cosplayers. It's something like that. But it is is a gorgeous game. I think I'm becoming a stone-cold Square Enix junky, which seems more unlikely than I can even say.

Okay. Last thing. We're down to the final twenty five hours of the "choose your own letter" Frog Toes and Tentacles auction. The winner may choose from M, N, O, P, Q, R, T, U, V, W, and Y. And, of course, you get the handmade silk and velvet "cozy" sewn by mine and Spooky's own paws. Please have a look and consider the degree to which winning this auction would enrich your life. Thank you. Now I'm gonna go outside for a bit and catch the last of the day. There's a marvelous wind out there which I hope will continue into the night.
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