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I just needed some time away from the LJ/Blog, some time away, in general. I've spent the past three days clearing away considerable chaos and upheavel and making myself well and ready to work again. Outside, the night is warm and I can hear a cricket chirping, even above the music from the iPod. The warmth is a great relief.

Both and are down for the time being. I've left the old journal page up, for people reading this via Blogger. scarletboi, you should call me or Spooky soonish so we can set something fresh and artful in motion.

Snurched from the paws of grandmofhelsing, this is just the sort of more or less meaningless dorksome statistical nonsense that amuses me no end:

greygirlbeast's LiveJournal popularity rating is 6.30/10.
greygirlbeast is more popular than 99.982% of all LiveJournal users.
greygirlbeast is more popular than 89.8% of their mutual friends.

How popular are you?
LJ Popularity created by thehumangame.

Okay. Bedtime for nixars. I'll make an actual entry in the morning, when my head is not so bleary and not so filled with the smell of coming dreams.
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