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Today looks like a genuine spring day out there, the sun so bright off everything, squirrels on the roof next door and flinging themselves from tree to tree with wild abandon as only squirrels can. Yesterday was wet and dreary, so it's good to have the sun again. Maybe I can get outside later and shake off a little more of winter's stain.

I don't think I'll ever get used to certain aspects of publishing, like the production of a book's cover a year or so before publication, before the book in question has even been edited. My editor e-mailed yesterday to say that she'd be cover conferencing for Daughter of Hounds today and wanted to know if I had any thoughts. I didn't really, as there are far too many images from that book which immediately spring to mind, all equally inviting. My only real wish was that the cover stay nearer the feel of the Murder of Angels cover, more towards fantasy, way less "horror." Truth is, of course, I have very little say in these things, so I shall just have to wait and see. I only hope that the cover manages to convey the feel of the book. So far, I've been very lucky with covers for my books from Penguin. The only one I haven't loved was the cover for Low Red Moon, which just seemed way too murky.

Yuck. I think the iBook gets a cleaning today. I am besieged by schmutz!

We're preparing for our New Moon ritual tonight. I finally managed to find the wording we were looking for, striking a balance between my concept of the goddess as Cosmos as "all that which has ever been and all that which is and all that which ever shall be" and a more "traditional" Wiccan rite. Yesterday, we walked to L5P and Crystal Blue to get some supplies for tonight. I picked up a copy of Margot Adler's Drawing Down the Moon, which Spooky and I have both been wanting to read. So far, keeping in mind that it was written in the mid-seventies and revised in the mid-eighties, it's one of the most scholarly and articulate books on Neo-Paganism and Wicca that I've yet encountered. Also, I've added a few other Wiccan books to my wishlist, because I've probably been spending too much money on books. If anyone wants to speed my education, well, I'd be grateful. Anyway, Spooky will be baking today, though I'm not yet sure what. Something for the esbat. We'll go out later to gather flowers. The basil we planted on Ostara is sprouting, by the way.

Sweet William, Ignatius, and their aunt, Madame Cassandra (the "feylien") have taken up residence on a shelf in my office. Spooky sat them there a few days ago. I only just now noticed which books they are each sitting in front off: Sweet William has the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe; Ignatius has Geek Love; Madame Cassandra has two books by Angela Carter (Nights at the Circus and Several Perceptions). I'll take this a good omen. I'll be leaving them in here with me all through the writing of Joey LaFaye. They will be my muses. They can steer me with their beady eyes. When the book is published, I might allow one of them to leave, via eBay. Maybe Ignatius. We'll see.

Going into Joey LaFaye, I've the same sort of excitement I had at the start of Daughter of Hounds, only more so. A good thing.

As I noted late last night, the second "choose your own letter" Frog Toes and Tentacles auction has now begun. Also, only 1 day and 8 hours remain on the Alabaster ARC auction. Look alive, kiddos. Oh, I almost forgot. My thanks to Setsuled, who sent me a wonderfully lewd depiction of Nar'eth in her "Barbarian Queen of the Ankylosaurs" aspect. Later, I'll upload it to and post a link here.
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