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Addendum: Hawks in Candler Park

We get this neighbourhood newsletter thingy shoved in our mailbox once a month, The Messenger: News for Candler Park, and usually it goes straight to recycling. But this month something caught Spooky's eye, and she brought it to my attention, and I'm posting it here. Just a little more fuel for the endless, angry fire that's me:

Neighborhood Hawk Update

The Red-Tailed Hawks who sucessfully reared two young in 2005 are nesting in the same pine tree behind 614 Page Avenue. After months of building they have created a new, more compact nest. Unfortunately, their nesting efforts remain in jeopardy because a section of their small habitat was illegally destroyed during the first week of February, 2006. At that time, the builders/owners of 1585 and 1595 Cliffton Terrace decided, once again, to ignore the tree ordinance. Without obtaining permits, developers Mr. Mechlowitz & Mr. Meyer, and contractors Brunning and Stang cut six trees near the nest. Most of the trees were around thirty inches in diameter, and some were actually on an adjacent property. Kristin Loomis, arborist for the city of Atlanta, issued at least five citations for violations of the tree ordinance. Not deterred, the builders continued illegal grading on the adjoining property until the city cited them for jumping the property line.

As of this writing, the hawks have not abandoned their efforts at the nest even as their immediate habitat shrinks. In spite of encroaching machinery and construction noise, the prospective parents seem indefatigable: the nest grows one carefully beak-sawn twig at a time. — Paige Harvey

It's a little thing, I know. Two hawks, six trees.'s all just little things, isn't it? A dozen little things? A hundred little things? A thousand? A million? A billion? And on and on and on.

To quote Utah Phillips, "The earth is not dying. It is being killed. And those that are killing it have names and addresses."

And now it's time to try to sleep again. Maybe I'll dream me a Lorax...with a rocket launcher...
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