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So, shortly after I made my journal entry this morning, Byron called to see if Spooky and I wanted to catch a matinee of V for Vendetta. It sounded loads better than anything I'd planned, and we'd not seen Byron in months, so we said yes. I'm going to hold my comments on the film for a few days, because I frelling hate writing those WARNING SPOILERS DO NOT CROSS CLOSE YOUR DAMN EYES warnings. But I will say this: I liked this movie. I liked it a lot. I think it is not only a good movie, in the sense that it's artful. It's also a good movie in the sense that it's an important movie. I hope, mostly against hope, that the people who see this movie will understand what they're seeing. More I will not presently say. Just see the movie. Oh, and I think it was a good thing that I'd not read the graphic novel since...what? 1989?
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