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No one ever tells me a damn thing.

These late night recap things having been netting me a little positive feedback, so I figured maybe I'll keep it up for a while. Also, it helps me clear my head before bed. Some people meditate. I rant and rave. I do fear that my inner self is too far gone to ever sit still for meditation, much less be soothed by it.

I just learned this afternoon that Henry M. Morris died on February 25th in Santee, California, at the age of 87. Now, there's really no good reason on Earth why you should ever have heard of Henry Morris, unless a) you're a creationist or b) like me, you wasted a good portion of your twenties trying to undo the damage he's done to American science education. Morris has been credited with having founded 20th-Century creationism, and it's a fair enough accusation. He authored a series of absurdist texts seeking to discredit evolutionary biology, paleontology, and historical geology, and carve out a niche for the Book of Genesis in public schools. His books include The Troubled Waters of Evolution (1974), Should Evolution Be Taught? (1974), and Introducing Creationism in the Public Schools (1975). Along with Duane T. Gish, author of Evolution: The Fossils Say No! (one of my all-time pseudoscientific faves), Morris led the advance guard of the battle that's still being waged against science today. Sure, the proponents of "intelligent design" might be slicker and sound a little less like hicks, but their pedigree goes straight back to Henry Morris, and they know it. I was taught never to speak ill of the dead, so I'll just let the old bastard's ignorant, misspent life speak for itself.

Henry M. Morris, Father of creationism. Gone, and good riddance.

And speaking of creationism in California, there's a little bit of good news. A creationist lawsuit against the UC Berkeley biology website, Understanding Evolution, claiming that government funds were being used to promote religious beliefs, has been dismissed as groundless. Little victories.

And Egon Spengler, my first nerd heart-throb, friended me on MySpace today. How much cooler can it get?

Lastly, yeah, I've heard about Isaac Hayes leaving South Park over the Scientology episode. All I've got to say about Mr. Hayes crying foul over the series' religious "intolerance" is it sure seems odd to me how he never seemed to mind as long as the intolerance was being directed towards Xtians or Jews or Muslims or...well, you get the picture.
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