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Addendum: shame

Truly, I am become a frelling lemming. Which is to say, I now have my very own myspace account. Because, you know, I needed another way to squander time online when I ought to be writing. Of course, this is proof positive that myspace is no longer drad (if, indeed, it ever was). Friend me if you so dare.

And I love this line from the Dresden Dolls' song "Backstabber":

backstabber! hope grabber!
greedy little fit haver!
god, I feel for you, fool...
shit lover! off brusher!
jaded bitter joy crusher!
failure has made you so cruel...

so don’t tell me what to write
and don’t tell me that I’m wrong...
and don’t tell me not to reference my songs within my songs.

Ahmet, kiddos. Ahmet. Thank you, Amanda.
Tags: backstabbers, myspace, time wasting

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