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Time for Science!

Just an assortment of cool stuff I wanted to mention before I crawl away to bed. First, the discovery of what is apparently a new species (and perhaps genus) of sauropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation of the Little Snowy Mountains of Montana, a hundred miles north of Billings, brought to my attention by sclerotic_rings. Just about any vertebrate palaeontologist can tell you how very rare sauropod skulls are, and during the excavation of this specimen, a gorgeous skull was uncovered at the end of an articulated series of cervical vertebrae. Here's a photo, with the specimen still partly encased in its plaster field jacket. To me, it looks like a new member of the Camarasauridae:

Right side of skull.

Second, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is now on its final approach. Read more here, and catch the Science Channel's special on the mission, Mars Revealed, tomorrow night at 9 p.m. (EST).

And finally, and also courtesy sclerotic_rings, news that the Cassini orbiter has revealed that Saturn's moon Enceladus is still tectonically active, its south polar landscape marked by evidence of cryovulcanism and fresh snowfall. Just don't tell the Republicans about any of this...
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