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Addendum: In which the author...well, you'll see.

So, yesterday didn't begin well at all. It began black and grumpy and not wanting to take me anywhere but down. I'd had two fruitless days trying to start the new vignette for Sirenia Digest #4, which should be finished already because Vince has to have time to illustrate it. For two or three weeks I've had this Dracula thing in my head, a piece about Mina which assumes Stoker's novel ends an entirely different way. But after the research and two false starts and two days with the green lady, it just wasn't happening. Mostly, I'd realised that it was a short story, and possibly even a novella, not a vignette, and realising this left me frustrated and at a loss for what I would write about instead. After breakfast, I took a very hot bath and washed my hair, and then there was a helpful blue pill, and then a Red Bull, and then Spooky and I took a long walk. By the time we got back to the house my shitty mood had pretty much broken apart. I did a Wikipedia entry on the ankylosaur Struthiosaurus, and then we went to Candler Park to get slices at Fellini's (mushroom and spinich).

Before we left home, I'd had Spooky call Piercing Experience for me to see if I needed an appointment to have my labret redone. I removed it way back in the spring of 2000, after a long illness when I'd been seized with the need to purge my body of metal. But I've been wanting it back for a long time now, and wanting other piercings as well. Turned out I didn't need an appointment, so after our early dinner we walked to PE. After examining my scar, Robert, who was to do the piercing, decided he could most likely dilate to old hole and there'd be very little actual new piercing involved. So, I picked out my jewlery, a fourteen gauge spike (implant-grade titanium) in teal, and Spooky and I were shown to a room. And just as Robert was putting on his gloves, someone switched the stereo from a Prince CD to the Resevoir Dogs soundtrack, Stephen frelling Wright and K-BILLY'S super sounds of the seventies — "Stuck In The Middle With You." I was trying not to laugh, but then Robert started in with the little dance Mr. Blond does right before he cuts the cop's ear off, and it was just too perfect. Anyway, the whole thing went off without a hitch. There wasn't even any pain today. And I've been reminded, again, how good piercing can be for me. I believe I'm going to have a bridge piercing (a horizontal surface piercing near the top of the nose, between the eyes) done next month, as soon as my labret is fully healed.

And after that, because Amanda Downum (stillsostrange) is a sweetheart and had sent me and Spooky tix to the Sisters of Mercy show, we drove across town to the Roxy. I don't know how the tour's been going, what sort of reviews its been getting, but last night it was wonderful. The Warlocks opened. Neither of us had heard them before, but they're something along the lines of My Bloody Valentine or the Jesus and Mary Chain, sort of...spacey, trippy, crunchy, totally drad. And the Sisters were in really fine form. Spooky was delighted that they did a Sisterhood song, "Giving Ground." The only annoying incident, and it was only mildy annoying, was a drunk chick in the line to the bathroom who kept insisting that I was "somebody." Finally, she promised me she wouldn't tell anyone, that I was "somebody," just as a stall opened and I was able to escape her attentions. The whole thing was giving me flashbacks to the day at LAX when some idiot decided that I was Marilyn Manson and could not be convinced otherwise. But, yeah, a wonderful evening, so thank you Amanda. You sooooo rock.

Okay. The Oscars tonight. More later. Oh, and matociquala has found a use of "eco-gothic" dating back to 1996, in a description of Stephen Palmer's novel, Memory Seed.
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