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Addendum: MDS 7 and Others

We're a little late with February's Sirenia Digest Monster Doodle Sculpture giveaway. But without further ado, the winner of MDS 7 is Charles Porter! (insert celebratory noises here) And this month's monster is the gueir'dlöp, one of Nebari Prime's few venomous sea creatures. Gueir'dlöp are restricted to shallow, icy bays and inlets on a couple of the planet's southern continents, and the black spines along their backs are highly toxic. The orange stripes and deep blue underbelly act as camouflage, as the gueir'dlöp can most often be found waiting patiently in thickets of fire weed (which grows upside down from the undersides of large boulders), watching for unsuspecting prey. There are photos, of course, behind the cut:

Right lateral view.

Left anterolateral view.

Posterodorsal view.

Right posterolateral view.

Subscribe to Sirenia Digest today (or tomorrow, perhaps) and you too might win a Monster Doodle Sculpture. Plus, March's issue will include "Alabaster" and one of Ted Naifeh's illustrations for the story, as a sneak preview of...well...Alabaster, of course. By the way, the limited edition of Alabaster will be signed by Ted as well as by me. I just found that out this afternoon.

See you folks in the morning...
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