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Are all ablaze...

It's a beautiful, sunny, warm early spring day here in Atlanta, and Spooky urged me to get up and out and all that. Which she was quite right to do, of course. Thankfully, I'm feeling a bit less vile than yesterday. And, may I just say, if I never see another cranberry again it will likely be too soon.

I was just looking at the nominations for the 2006 Oscars. I've always been sort of an Oscar geek, all my adult life, and yet this year I feel an unexpected ambivalence towards the whole affair. It may be the personal turmoil of the past year, and that my head's so many difficult places right now. I'm trying to recall if there's ever once been a year when I've somehow managed to see not a single one of the films nominated for best picture. Partly, I know this is because theatres are so much less economical than are DVD rentals and, when you factor in how horrific any given audience is likely to be, there's a whole lot less incentive, in my opinion, to see films at the theatre than at home. I've very much wanted to see Capote, and Munich and Good Night, and Good Luck, as all three look very good. I must admit, though, that I feel like I'm the only queer person in all America with absolutely no interest in seeing Brokeback Mountain. And do not dare tell me I'm evil or traitorous or lacking in good taste for feeling this way. I cannot help my indifference. It happens. Anyway...

I've been asked to write an introduction for the PS Publishing edition of Ray Bradbury's The Day It Rained Forever (published in the US as A Medicine for Melancholy). I was very flattered and surprised. Now, I just hope that I'm equal to the task. Especially given they've got such wonderful people doing the intros for their other Bradbury editions (Neil and Ramsey, as well as Stephen King, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Harryhausen, etc.). Yes, I am intimidated, all round.
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