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you can sleep when you're dead

Addendum: No writing today, unless the blog counts (and I don't think that it does). I'm just not awake enough to write prose, to think in stories. And I'm not asleep enough the somehow dream and type at the same time. I didn't take the Ambien last night, because when I went to bed (about 1:30 a.m., I think), I was tired enough to go to sleep on my own. But I woke up at about 5:20 (I remember looking at the clock in the kitchen) and couldn't get back to sleep, so I took two-thirds of a pill (the one Spooky had broken up for me on Wednesday morning). This put me back to sleep. Well, sort of. Really more of a fevery, fitful half-sleep, which lasted until about 10:30. I feel as though I'm staying in bed longer, but sleeping less.

We've not had much luck yet thwarting the eyeball Nazis. The drill seems to be something like this: we have to pay for eye exams, plus contact fittings (though we only need the latter), then pay for a follow-up exam where "test" lenses that have been ordered based on the earlier exams are checked to see how they fit. At that point, the optometrist will (reluctantly) release our base-line curve measurements to LensQuest, and we can finally order the contacts. What would have cost us about $140 (getting two new pairs of SFX contacts) could now easily cost more than twice that (and perhaps three times as much) to get the same thing I was allowed to buy freely in 2002. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll costume at Dragon*Con this year at all. More than anything, I'm appalled at the thought of submitting to an unnecessary and (in my opinion) invasive medical procedure because the government can't mind its own business.

Gods, I know I sound like a lunatic.

I'm going to wind up like Lenny Bruce, babbling to a bored audience. Only I'll be railing against optometry instead of the IRS.
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