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This is likely to be a somewhat rambley and unfocused entry, as I am neither particularly awake nor in particularly good spirits. Likely, there will be short paragraphs. Likely, maybe, perhaps, something unpleasant will be said. Or not. But I advise that you get off now if you're prone to sea sickness, hives, or sudden bouts of impatience. My hair hurts.

Yesterday, among other things, we made it though Chapter Eight of Daughter of Hounds, which, along with Chapter Four, has had me worried, as it's somewhat, shall we say, "action heavy." I don't credit myself with being especially good with action scenes, partly because I'm always thinking how much better they would work on film. But, low and behold and what to you know, I think it's actually very good. There's fire and any number of alternate realities. Chapter Eight is where the novel's two parallel narrative threads finally collide. It's the climax before the climax (before the final climax). This one comes with false bottoms, so you'll be having to mind your steps. I believe that I would also contend that it's a novel without a "villain," that it only contains characters which are at crossed purposes. Of course, I suppose the same could be said for any supposed protagonist/antagonist relationship. Well, okay, I can think of one good villain, but he doesn't get much "screen time." Today, we do Chapter Nine.

More pencils from Vince last night, a sketch for "Untitled 17." Very nice. I may have all the finished artwork for Sirenia Digest #3 by sometime this evening. And by the way, this is a very good day to become a subscriber if you're not one already. Just click here, read the FAQ, then subscribe. For the price of just two or three big cups of that bitter swill Starbuck's insists upon calling coffee, you can have two or three new pieces a fiction each month, plus illustrations and etc. For less than the price of a pizza. Come on. It's the right thing to do. Search your feelings. You know it to be true. If you only knew the power of the Dark Side. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy,, just frelling subscribe, okay? Do it today and you'll even get a free copy of the trade paperback of Silk.

A big thank you to David Kirkpatrick, who e-mailed me a PDF of the paper in Nature describing the holotype of the tyrannosauroid, Guanlong wucaii, thus saving me a trip to Emory. Also, these are much better resolution illos. than I'd have ever gotten from a photocopy. Freed from the need to go to the library, Spooky and I wandered about L5P for a while. It was really too cold, though, and we hadn't dressed for it, so we didn't wander for very long. We grabbed what we needed for dinner from the co-op (garlic, fresh basil, tomatoes, field greens, a bag of Newman's Own cinnamon-graham cookies) and headed home again. Warmish once more, I read a paper on a new Lower Cretaceous elasmosaurid taxon, Eromangasaurus caringnathus, from the Lower Cretaceous of Australia and began another on heterodonty in Tyrannosaurus rex. We spent most of the evening reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I fear both the PlayStation and the X-Box are feeling rather neglected this winter.

I think Spooky means to begin the letter S auction later today. I'll make a post when she does. Also, if you haven't yet pre-ordered Alabaster, you should, especially if you're wanting the limited edition.

Oh, and Sunday is Darwin Day. I musn't forget to make an appropriately Darwinist post on the twelfth. Tonight, of course, we get the opening ceremony for the 2006 winter olympics. I'm not one for any sort of team sports, but I do enjoy much of the winter olympics. Okay. I should think that's more than enough of me for one morning...
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