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M is for Maybe

I've heard of ghosts, good ghosts, who wander the battlefields late at night, guiding soldiers out of danger. You can see their omens everywhere, omens warning of stray bullets and lurking enemies. If I was such a ghost, I would stay so close to you, you could feel my breath on your cheek.
— Guy Maddin, Archangel (1990)

From here, yesterday seems a rather long and unremarkable day. Just as I was about to begin writing, my agent called and we talked for about half an hour about all sorts of things — YA novels, Daughter of Hounds, comics, optimism, trends, my next novel, and so on. Then I spent a few hours on "Eisoptrophobia: A Sketch" (for Sirenia Digest #3). It's just over a thousand words, but I think it needs a little more work today. It was meant to be very short, but reading through it yesterday evening, it didn't seem to quite do the things I'd meant for it to do. Vince sent me the beginnings of the illustration for the vignette which may be titled "Bridle" after all, and then I sent him some comments and suggestions. After dinner, Spooky and I read through Chapter Six of DoH, which was better than I remembered but still needs some tightening here and there. I think we finished with it about eleven p.m.

Afterwards, we finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's by far the best of the HP books so far. We were both somewhat teary at the end. We'll likely begin Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight.

I should remind you that you can now pre-order Alabaster from Subterranean Press.

It's very, very cold again today. Cold and sunny, which is really the worst. Anyway, time to begin the day.
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