September 6th, 2021


Too many irons in too many fires, and too little to show for it.

Cloudy today, mostly. Our high was only 82˚F, with a heat index of 86˚F. Which is our current temperature. Meh. I want my cicadas.

I am actually, suddenly, pulling things together to begin the first of two novel-length works of fiction I have been contracted to write for Subterranean Press (because I am pretty much done with NYC publishing). The first will be called The Night Watchers, a title I borrowed from Peter Straub. I hope to have the ms. done by late winter.

And the mosasaur papers. I am working on two simultaneously, and those are in full swing.

So, there's all that, and that is a LOT of work. And the real trick is balancing my day-to-day suicidal tendencies, my inability to see past the pandemic and the fascists who took the place of the Republican Party and the nightmare of climate change and all the idiots who think dewormer cures COVID-19 and what has happened in Afghanistan and ALL OF IT jsut to stay focused and simply fucking work. No matter what, I'm doomed. Sure. Maybe all of civilization is doomed. But I try, hard, to tell myself it's better to go down swinging, fighting for the only two things I have spent my whole life believing in – science and art, as the ultimate manifestations of the human spirit – that going down swinging is better than just crawling off in a dim corner to fucking die, no matter how much I want to do just that. And I would not blame anyone for doing just that. Not in this world. Not in 2021. But...I'm trying.

Speaking of death, which I just did, I learned about half an hour ago that Michael K. Williams has died, an actor who was very dear to me, and after a decent day, it was a hard fucking blow to take.

I made very good progress with the Winifred block today. A hint of bone I uncovered yesterday turned out to be a pterygoid (throat teeth!). So far, one tooth is showing. Photo below, and just to the right of "cm" on the scale, you can see a tooth.

And we'll say that was today. I've had pretty much nothing to eat. I'm having a chocolate Core Power shake right now, 26 grams of protein, not real food.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.

Later Tater Beans,
Aunt Beast

3:14 p.m.