July 2nd, 2021


"You give them the colors, and the bells, and the wind, and the dream."

Rainy today, except when it was sunny. Our high was only 84˚F. That's our current temperature, with a heat index of 90˚F.

Another frustrating day, after another night when I hardly slept.

I read. I answered email. I worked a little on the cave matrix.

Today movie was Inception, which I'm now watching as frequently as Fury Road.

I bitched about the train wreck that is Governor Kay Ivey and the State of Alabama's plan to deal with the continuing pandemic. And also about the people who won't wear masks and the people who won't be vaccinated. They are COVID-19's greatest ally, and they make it strong.

Fuck it. Have a gander at my cool new ASIH t-shirt.

Aunt Beast

4:44 p.m.