June 5th, 2021


"Davenports and kettle drums and swallowtail coats..."

Today was a better day. Though is was mostly cloudy. Our high was 87˚F.

But I slept last night, which made all the difference. I passed out about 10:30 p.m., which is almost unheard of for me, and I slept a full eight hours, give or take.

All that sleepy left me a little groggy, but I did get some work done. I read back over "Strandling," the story I've written for an Ellen Datlow anthology, and I made line edits. It's a better story than I'd thought, and it is grimmer than what I usually allow myself to do (no, really).

I read "Redescription and phylogenetic assessment of 'Prognathodon stadmani': implications for Globidensini monophyly and character homology in Mosasaurinae." The paper erects a new genus, Gnathomortis ("jaws of death"), and places 'Prognathodon stadmani' in that genus.

I have not been farther from the house since July 9th, 2020 than the 1.34 miles between here and my doctor's office. That's just a month shy of a year.*

Please have a look at Spooky's wishlist on Amazon. Her birthday is impending, on the 24th, and she will be mighty grateful, as they say. Thank you.7

Aunt Beast

10:30 a.m.

* A few hours after I posted this yesterday, Kathryn ("Spooky") pointed out that when we got our COVID-19 vaccinations in Forest Park (on the other side of Red Mountain), I'd gone quite a bit farther than 1.34 miles. So, I pulled up Google Earth and checked my calculations, and...actually...my doctor's office is only about 1.27 miles away (I was off yesterday), and the Walgreens in Forest Park is, oddly, just about 1.34 miles from here. So, my original statement stands, so far as distance traveled is concerned, but the farthest point I've traveled from home was not to my doctor's office, but Walgreens.