May 16th, 2021


Rock Paper Whatever

Last night my mood went somewhere really dark, and it hasn't come back. It might be my health. It might be this next birthday. It might be all the politics. It may be COVID-19. It may be all or none of these things. It may be "Strandling." which is a grim story, even by my standards.

Speaking of which, I was up at 7 a.m. this morning and did 1,318 words on the story.

And then I worked on the Secret Project and got myself tangled up in a tangent that devoured the time I was going to spend working on Winifred.

So, much better than yesterday, but not great. And there's the mood-millstone-albatross around my neck.

At least I went Outside again for a little while, late in the day.

Should'a Known Better,
Aunt Beast

11:06 a.m.