October 11th, 2020


Dispatches from the Realm of Vast Indifference

Still rainy. Delta spinning down, and Alabama lost great numbers of pecan trees. Our high today was only (ugh) 74˚F.

It's Sunday, isn't it? I had to stop and figure that out.

Today, I signed the signature sheets for the limited edition of Steve Jones' The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #30, which reprints my story, "Virginia Story."

The last few years, there are many ways that I have disappointed various segments of my readership. The strangest one, to me, are the people who are disappointed that I'm not a cynic, that I'm really not very cynical at all. That I disapprove of cynicism as a default setting.

I should compile a Top 10 list of ways I have disappointed readers since, say, 2010.

Later Taters,
Aunt "Howard Hughes" Beast

12:36 p.m.