August 7th, 2020


"So far away, but still no near."

It's gonna be hot tomorrow, and hotter the next day. We should reach 97˚F on Sunday, which mans the heat index will send us well over 100˚F.

Another productive, not-horrible day. After a couple hours more work on The Variegated Alphabet ms., I thought I was finished and send it off to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press – who immediately noticed that I had omitted "The Eldritch Alphabētos." So, tomorrow I'll stick that in and try again. And I'm slowly catching up on my email, and I'm discovering that the bout with bullshit depression a couple of weeks back led to me missing various opportunities and deadlines and such. This is how it goes. Not my fucking fault, but whatever.

I also did a little paleontology. Besides having on of the Winifred blocks here, Jun brought by a few pounds of screened sediment from the basal Lisbon Formation (middle Eocene) at the Point A Dam locality in southern Alabama, which I'm picking through for the tiny teeth of rays, sharks, and bony fishes. And I do mean tiny. Most of them are no larger than 1.5 mm.

And Spooky and I watched a documentary about Joe Strummer, which was cool, but sad.

And there was very good Second Life, late into the night. Lately, Second Life with the Tampa gang is keeping me sane-ish.

Aunt Beast

(5:24 p.m.)