June 2nd, 2020


"Nobody can tell ya there's only one song worth singing..."

I think I was only pretending to be a recluse before.

A warm and partly cloudy day. We made it to 89˚F, and it is currently 79˚F. It's good weather.

And I got back to writing. I did 1,073 words on "Untitled Psychiatrist #4." Which, by the way, will appear in Sirenia Digest No. 171 (April). I hope to finish the piece tomorrow. I have a set a sorta crazy schedule for myself the next two weeks (which is my way of trying not to go crazy): Get SD 171 out to subscribers by Wednesday evening. Then deal with the errata/galleys for Comes a Pale Rider, the next Dancy collection, for Subterranean Press (so they can get the ARCs printed). Then deal with the electronic galleys to The Tindalos Asset, and I have to have that stuff back to Tor.com on the 8th. And then write a second next piece of fiction this month and get SD 172 (May) out by – deep breath – the 13th or 14th.

Mostly, I'm just working really hard at ignoring the insanity outside these windows and walls.

Tonight, we started watching Mrs. America on Hulu, and it's extremely good.

Aunt Beast

5:48 p.m. (I think I know exactly how this Lego brick feels.)