May 19th, 2020


“This must be where pies go when they die.”

Sunny today, but cooler. Our high was only 75˚F, and now it's only 62˚F.

But it was a better day. After working on it for a month, I finally I posted my playlist/soundtrack for Twin Peaks: Rocket 88, and I'll say more about Rocket 88 soon. I got word the the final CEM for The Tindalos Asset is inbound. I spoke with Jun from McWane, and that was good.

We spent the evening watching Twin Peaks and made it through the pilot and episodes 1-3.

Please have a look at this special eBay auction, a copy of The Dinosaur Tourist that I'm auctioning to raise a little money (a drop in the proverbial ocean) for the McWane Science Center, which has been closed since March 16th and will have lost $1.5 million in revenue by June 1st. Right now, this is what matters to me almost more than anything.

Aunt Best

4:25 p.m.